First Friday, Art and Passing Time in the City

Harpist on Market Square, Knoxville, February 2012 It’s hard to believe how quickly the winter has passed. There hasn’t really been much of one as far as the weather goes. It was just New Year and now it’s almost spring. I’ve barely gotten used to the winter hours for Just Ripe and they will be […]

First Friday, Second Glance: The 100 Block

Musical entertainment at the Emporium, First Friday, Knoxville, May 2011 Entering the 100 Block on First Friday isn’t quite like leaving the Knoxville of Market Square, but it is close. The crowd seems to shift from a more suburban, family atmosphere to a bit more edgy Dada quality. To be sure, families are still all […]

The Art of Poland at UT Gallery

“Art of Poland,” UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, April 2011  “Art of Poland,” UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, April 2011 (Last Supper on left) It’s easy to overlook the UT Downtown Gallery on the 100 Block of Gay Street. The entrance is nondescript and it nestles up to the Emporium where I, and I think many people, […]