Urban Mystery Picture #5

This is crazy. After two early easy wins by two residents of the Holston Building, I decided to make things more difficult and went for a more artsy shot. It only took until around 9:00 AM for a winner in that third contest. For the fourth one my friend Shaft cropped it down to a few toes […]

Urban Mystery Picture #4

Well, it’s that time again. Once more I’m forced to acknowledge that you guys are very good at this. The Urban Mystery Pictures haven’t remained a mystery for more than a few hours each week. This time, maybe we’ve made it a little harder. First, last week’s picture: First Tennessee Plaza, Gay Street, Knoxville Melissa […]

Urban Mystery Picture #3

Well, for two weeks in a row the Urban Mystery Picture has been identified within hours of its posting. Will that be the case for a third week in a row? After this group of pictures runs its course we may have to ratchet up the difficulty level to make things a little more interesting. […]