Urban Mystery Picture #9 Winner

Regular readers might have noticed that I broke a trend by not naming this post, “Urban Mystery Picture #10.” The reason for this break from pattern is that as part of the reduction in posts over the next few weeks I’ll, of necessity, take a break from this series. For those of you who have longed for […]

Urban Mystery Picture #9, #9, #9 (Beatles joke, sorry)

Well, I continue to be mystified by the photographs that mystify the Urban Nation and those that are simple. I figured the one I posted two weeks ago would be difficult, and Chad figured it out immediately. Of course, I posted David’s photo instead of Chad’s initially (my bad, Chad). I was certain that I […]

Urban Mystery Picture # 8

It seems it’s either feast or famine. I haven’t found that sweet spot, yet, where multiple people guess for days before someone finally unlocks the mystery of the urban picture of the week. Last week no one guessed and every other week someone guessed correctly with extreme speed leaving all other contestants with their mouths […]

Urban Mystery Picture #7

Well this week gave us a first. No one guessed the correct answer to Urban Mystery Picture #6. It was a particularly interesting brick design on the side of a building and there are so many of those around downtown it must be difficult to remember where we may have seen a particular pattern. Or do […]

Urban Mystery Picture #6

Perhaps the effort to be a tad more difficult paid off to some small degree: last week’s winner took forty minutes and this week’s winner took over twenty-four hours. Interestingly, there is a small asterisk to that claim: A previous winner recognized the site sooner, but decided to delay officially submitting an answer in order to give […]