The Official Grand Opening of Union Avenue Books

Melinda Meador and Flossie McNabb, Co-Owners of Union Ave. Books It’s been open for a few weeks – but now it has opened in grand style. A glance through the windows at Union Avenue Books for much of the the last few weeks reveals a brisk business. A gander through those same windows this week would have revealed […]

Union Avenue Books Holds Grand Opening

I hadn’t planned to blog today, but I couldn’t resist giving everyone a heads-up about this big event. Union Avenue Books has been open a couple of weeks and, of course, I’ve blogged about it often. It’s just so important to me. I hope Knoxville is a city that values the written word, that honors it’s […]

First Friday: The Rest of the Story

500 Block of Union Avenue, First Friday, June 2011 To be fair to all the people and businesses who planned something special last Friday, I should probably call this post, “A Tiny Bit of the Rest of the Story.” I never made it to the 100 Block where I know there were art openings, or into […]

Openings and Happenings – You Better Pay Attention

Fashions now available at Reruns in the Daylight Building This is an exciting time downtown. Today featured not one, but two business openings: Reruns completed their move to the Daylight Building and Union Avenue Books, after many fits and starts, officially opened its doors at 10:00 AM, marking the complete occupancy of the Daylight Building retail […]

Friday Business Edition – And More!

The business developments in this city continue at an adequately rapid pace to fill a blog about that topic alone. I’m not planning to do that, but I do have quite a bit to pass on today. I’ll probably follow up with more sometime next week. Outside Hotel St. Oliver after the storm blew down the wall. […]