Transportation: A Leaf, Europe and Smarttrips All in One Post!

All-electric Nissan Leaf, Knoxville Nissan Leaf parked on Walnut Street Downtown Knoxville has its first Nissan Leaf. I’m pretty sure Mr. John Craig, local developer and Knox Heritage board member is parking the first of these all-electric cars on our city streets. Guilty before of a little Prius envy (resolved), I’m feeling a little stir […]

Transportation Center Has Openhouse

First Friday for August featured the first glimpse most of us have gotten to the new KAT center. While the official opening won’t come until later this month and the ribbon cutting ceremony isn’t until next week, they welcomed guests with an art exhibit, a great display of the history of the site throughout the […]

Bus Rider

“Get up in the morning, get on the busGet up in the morning like the rest of us Places to go, important people to meet Better not get up or you might lose your seat. Leave the house at six o’clock to be on time Leave the wife and kids at home to make a […]