Hola Festival, Dos

The Farragut High School Band, Hola Festival, Parade of Nations Representing Latino-Americans at the Hola Festival The children looked so beautiful and so sincere. The Parade of Nations opened the festival at 11:00 AM. It would have been very helpful if this was made clear on the website. I knew there was a parade and […]

Why We Don’t Need a Downtown Grocery Store

This topic is often discussed when people talk about downtown. Some ask, “How can you live down there without a grocery store?” It’s as if residents all over downtown are starving inside their loft apartments and condos. I haven’t noticed too many starving downtown residents, so what gives? Every couple of months a new rumor floats about […]

East Tennessee History Fair

East Tennessee, and by extension, national and international history were the focus, particularly around Krutch Park Saturday morning, August 7. Sponsored by the Tennessee Historical Society, there were numerous events, activities and displays offering something for anyone with a passing interest in history. My favorite part of the day was the tour offered by Knox […]