Important Events Not To Miss

There are three things happening downtown in the next couple of days that I’d like to encourage everyone to consider, so this is mostly an informational post. Tonight is the Metropulse “Best of Knoxville” party. As of this writing I have no idea if Stuck Inside of Knoxville was recognized, but regardless of that, the […]

Sundown in the City Returns with a Twang

Sundown Entrance on Union Avenue First, for those of you who were breathlessly anticipating my Chattanooga/Knoxville thoughts, I’m sorry, we’re going to have to put that on hold for the next couple of days. I’ll get back to it, I promise. The return of Sundown in the City is just too irresistible a topic. Human Burritoes […]

It Always Rises, but Will There Still be a Sundown in the City?

As I walked toward Market Square tonight, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this is probably the last Sundown in the City – at least in its current form. I’ll be honest: that makes me sad. I’ve enjoyed many wonderful Thursday evenings at Sundown with my daughter, with my friends and by myself. I haven’t […]

The Sun is Setting in the Western Sky (Sundown in the City: The Controversy)

So far I’ve used this space to talk about interesting people and happenings downtown. That’s the main purpose of my blog. Of course, downtown isn’t without its various controversies, and while I’m generally happy to report what happens in a straightforward manner, sometimes I’ll have to express an opinion or two. Sundown in the City started in […]

Sun is Setting in a Western Sky (Sundown in the City: The Music)

The much anticipated Dirty Guvnah’s/Blues Traveler concert finally arrived last Thursday night. For those of you who may not be so familiar with Knoxville, Sundown in the City is an amazing series of free concerts presented each spring on Market Square in downtown Knoxville. The event features a mixture of local, regional and national artists […]