Quick! Before you read! Where could I find an owl downtown?

Former YMCA: Crown Court Condos Here is another of those little things that are easy to pass by without tuning in. Several things make this little oddity easy to miss: It’s on Locust Street, which isn’t the most heavily traveled street downtown. It’s also four stories in the air, so if you are watching the sidewalk […]

It’s Still not a Golden Arch, but it is a Mystery Solved!

You may have read my blog from July 27 regarding the mystery of the origin of the arch in the picture above. As the title to the post indicated, I suspected it was a  case for Ask Doc Knox. Well, my faith was well founded. The mystery has been solved by the all-knowing one. If you […]


I love the song “Reflections of My Life” by Marmalade. It is definitely a must-have for any decent itunes collection. So what does this have to do with the city? Nothing, except that I’ve noticed some very cool reflections in our buildings, lately. I’ll save my favorite and start with the reflection of First Bank […]

Things that make you go, well, to the Internet to try to figure it out

We had fun with the Blackberry car mystery. It’s time for another round of “who knows what in the world this is about?” It looks like a life preserver around the base of a tree, but as far as I can tell the tree isn’t adrift. In fact, it looks just like all the other […]

Tuesday Afternoon, Part Three, (AKA: The Blackberry Car)

Yet another reason to love downtown: You never know what you might find. Walking on Union Street in front of Pete’s (go to Petes, you’ll love the breakfast and the ambience) I found this car. What you might ask is covering this car? Could it be bird droppings? Could it be something from the tree […]