Spring Photos with Cannon T3 and Zoom Lens

Knoxville Skyline, March 2012 I’m very slowly experimenting with my camera. I’ve tried most of the pre-settings. I still lean on “automatic” a good bit, but I’m pretty fond of other settings, such as “flash off,” “landscape,” “portrait,” and “sports.” The camera does really well with minimal light and no flash, avoiding the “washed out” […]

Spring Scenes from the City (and a few notes for this weekend)

Dogwood beside the old Courthouse on Gay Street, Knoxville, March 2012 Spring is pretty much here. While all of the trees aren’t as green as they will be later, the dogwoods are beautiful and that pretty much says spring in this city. I’m going to leave you with a weekend’s worth of pictures to close […]

Spring, Spanish and Soccer via SLR

Soccer Styling in front of Soccer Taco, Market Square, Knoxville I’m not sure winter ever happened in Knoxville this year, but it appears spring is here. There are many things to love about springtime anywhere, but in Knoxville we have our own set of cool to enjoy: Rhythm and Blooms, Dogwood Arts Festival, new sculptures […]

Signs of Spring

Japanese Magnolias in Krutch Park, Knoxville, March 2011 Spring hasn’t officially arrived, but the signs of its approach are all around the city. I even spotted actual landscaping in The History of Country Music Park (AKA Treble Clef Park). We’ll have more cold weather, maybe even snow, but that annual battle is clearly swinging in […]