Surviving the Snow, Part Two

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, State Street, Knoxville, January 10, 2011 Downtown Knoxville did not return to normal today, but it managed a closer approximation. The roads were much more navigable as the ice and snow succumbed to the ice, wind and warmth of the tires passing over the surface. More people stirred as temperatures rose […]

No Music, Just a Cold, Snowy, Beautiful Night

 Snowy Night in Krutch Park, Knoxville, December 2010  Friday I looked in the Daily Plan-it to see what music might be coming up downtown that I needed to catch. Angel Martinez at the Preservation Pub caught my eye. I saw him at the Hola Festival and thought he was great. Unfortunately, as with […]

Snowflake and Snowflakes

Suddenly we find ourselves beset by cold weather. And not just early December cold, but more mid-January to mid-February cold. I was surprised earlier this week when I walked out of my home to see the streets and sidewalks covered by a thin layer of snow. Now snow is in the forecast for this Sunday […]