Bikes, Bright Lights and Biting Cold

Santa and his Rudolph, Tour de Lights, Knoxville, December 2010 To avoid the Christmas spirit in downtown Knoxville, you must be determined to revel in your inner Scrooge. From Christmas Wrestlers to gorgeous lights, we’ve got enough spirit to make a Grinch run and hide. The events and fun just keep coming. Tonight was no exception. […]

Knoxville Christmas Parade: The Top Five Most Unorthodox Floats

So, here we are: the final Christmas Parade post. I’ve had so much fun I hate to see it end. If you haven’t read the last two posts, I suggest strongly that you drop two below this one and read them in order. If that is too much to ask, then the best way I […]

"All the leaves are brown . . .

and the sky is grey.”  Sunsphere, Knoxville, October 2010  I love autumn. No question, hands down, always been my favorite season. I like the others for various reasons, but fall is a reflective time, old life slipping into dormancy with one final flourish of life at its fullest. I think of Bob Dylan, […]