Depot Avenue: A Possible Development Corridor?

  White Lily Building from the northwest corner of Depot and Central, Knoxville 2011   White Lily Building early 1900s from the Knox Library Collection When I heard about the sale of the White Lily Building and its pending development, I was excited. I’m always happy when a new project starts downtown and that was […]

Hola Festival 2011, Parade of Nations, Part 2

Parade of Nations, Hola Festival 2011, Knoxville Mariachi Band, Hola Festival, Knoxville As promised, here are more of the great sights from the Hola Festival, Parade of Nations. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t have an ounce of Latin blood, but it fills me with pride to see people so happy about their […]

Hola Festival 2011, Parade of Nations, Part 1

Dora the Expolorer, Parade of Nations, Hola Festival, Knoxville Parade of Nations, Hola Festival 2011, Knoxville, The centerpiece of the Hola Festival is the Parade of Nations. Many nations are represented and present something of the varieties of dress from their homeland. It is a proud and sometimes emotional moment for the families of the […]

Hola Festival 2011 Highlights a jam-packed weekend in the City

Entrance to Hola Festival 2011, Regas Square, Knoxville Hola Festival 2011 viewed from the Gay Street Viaduct, Knoxville This was one of those weekends in which far too much happened to take it all in. Painful choices had to be made. Alison Krauss played the the Tennessee Theatre both Saturday night and Sunday night which was the […]