Buy Local, Shop Union (Avenue)

Coffee and Chocolate: The Granddaddy Union Avenue Business It would have been a very different experience a couple of years ago. The Daylight Building was a construction zone. Reruns was on Market Square. Coffee and Chocolate was doing good business. Even a year ago it was struggling to find it’s groove. Rala had opened and the Daylight Building […]

Business Bits and Bites

 The Ultimate Corporate Businessman surveys the square.  There are, as always, a number of little pieces of business developments. Of course, Nama seems to be doing very well since its move and Blue Coast Burrito seems to be getting very close. Everything needed to open is piled inside the store and just needs a […]

"You Will Wind Up Peaking Through Her Keyhole Down upon Your Knees"

The Entrance to Black Market is Prepared Before Opening Often that’s the case. We’re so interested in the next new thing to open downtown that we strain to see through cracks in the windows or doorways in anticipation of what might be inside. In the last few months, there have been some significant closures downtown such […]