Jodie Manross, HuDost, Ten Cent Poetry and Brent Thompson in one night!

Jodie Manross, Preservation Pub, Knoxville I’ve gotten pretty addicted to the Speakeasy at the Preservation Pub. Unlike the smoke-easy downstairs there is no, well, smoke. What you will find is a place to actually sit and listen to music, which is a pretty valuable thing. It’s like the Square Room in that the expectation of […]

Homegrown plus a rare treat at the Preservation Pub Tonight

Travis Singleton, Homegrown, Preservation Pub, Knoxville I’ve caught several of the recent Homegrown shows at the Preservation Pub and I’ve had a great time at them all. Hosted on the second floor, which is 95% smoke-free, it’s a beautiful setting for acoustic music. The format of the show features an hour of tunes and conversation hosted […]

Jesus on Market Square

Not in the flesh, of course, but the name has been mentioned quite prominently, loudly and repeatedly in recent days. I suppose we should expect nothing less in the Bible Belt. Certainly downtown Knoxville has a history of street preachers. Typically they’ve been found somewhere around the edges of Krutch Park. I’ve photographed several for […]

Dirty Guv’nah’s, Scott Miller, Preservation Pub and Homegrown

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub, Knoxville I’ve got enough material to go back to seven days a week, but barely enough time between events to blog about it. I’m going to delay the more recent events of the weekend and the meetings I attended last night. I’ve spent the last couple […]

Three Awesome Things to Choose From in the City

I don’t always give advance notice on events, preferring in most cases to talk about how they were after the fact. There are other sites which cover upcoming events and I generally leave it to them. You’ll find a number of them listed to the right of this post. There are three things happening today […]