Who are we? Who will we become?

Those of you who read this blog regularly know I’m prone to making odd connections. Several events I’ve attended or walked past in the last few weeks merged in my mind and presented the question: Who are we? Of course, if we are a city – even a small one – the answer to that question […]

Poetry Night at the Laurel Theater

I really enjoy poetry. I realize that’s not true for everyone. I’ll admit I came to it through the back door: music lyrics. I realized by the time I was in high school that I loved music generally, but lyrics particularly. Bob Dylan, John Prine and Hank Williams moved me like few others. As high […]

Keeping the Bees Employed: Poetry by R.B. Morris

I recently read Keeping the Bees Employed, a book of poetry, by R. B. Morris. By turns beautiful and painful, it is a book that I highly recommend. Most of you know that R.B. is a local musician, playwright, poet and provocateur. I’ve spoken of his music often in this space and I’ve mentioned his poetry. I’d […]

"I hate to see that evening sun go down"

It’s those late afternoon dusk-into-evening walks that get me into trouble. I think I’m about one thing, but as Taylor the Rose Guy and Elder Beat Master would say, it’s not what I think I’m about it’s what the universe is about and where I fit into it. At least I think that’s what they’d say. […]