OK, Maybe Size Matters a Little Bit

That’s a lot of size Sure, I was convinced that size didn’t matter. I mean, it’s what you do with what you’ve got, right? I even blogged about it in one of my earliest posts, concluding that it matters more what you do with what you’ve got. At least that’s what I thought then. I’ve […]

Columbus Revisited (Sort of): Happy Thanksgiving

Replicas of the Nina and Pinta in front of the Knoxville Skyline Last November I posted about the Nina and the Pinta visiting Knoxville. It was an interesting stop on our waterfront and though I never went aboard, I took some photographs that, I thought, turned out pretty well. My favorite (above) shows the ships […]

Unstoried Images from August

Saber-Toothed Tiger on Market Square I called these “Homeless Images” last month, but later realized that could mean images of homeless people, which I sometimes include. To avoid confusion, I’ve changed the name this month. These are images that never found their way into a story, but I thought were worth posting. Sometimes my favorite […]

Does Size Really Matter After All?

It’s easy to walk around the downtown streets and start to feel a little inferior. I know there will always be people who are cooler than me. I know there will be people who have more money and power than I’ll ever have. As much as I might pay attention to comings and goings downtown, […]

"Someone Showed Me a Picture and I Just Laughed"

I’ve probably taken close to 1000 pictures in the month of June. Many of them were so terrible I deleted them. Some were good enough I included them in the posts. I didn’t have room for some others that I thought were really good – particularly of the Dirty Guv’nahs and Blues Traveler. Yet others are […]