Waynestock 2012: For the Love of Phil, Night Three

Wayne Bledsoe, Waynestock 2012, Relix Theater, Knoxville The third and final night of Waynestock promised to be the craziest of the bunch and it delivered. The bands were all high-energy and seemed genuinely excited to be there. Wayne Bledsoe spoke and, in the context of his namesake festival, that always seems emotional. As he said, […]

Alive After Five: Tribute to Phil Pollard

Knoxville Museum of Art, November 2011 This past Friday night was set to be a night one might enjoy the talent and personality of Phil Pollard at the Knoxville Museum of Art’s Alive After Five show. His “Band of Humans” was set to play the show and it promised to be a special event. As it […]

Roman Reese at Preservation Pub’s Speakeasy via i105’s Homegrown

Roman Reese at the Preservation Pub Speakeasy I’d never heard Roman Reese perform before last week. I’d heard his name about town. Last winter I met Adrian Hardcore (as I recall) who sang his praises and noted that he had spent the night on Roman’s couch while he was in town for his Blueplate Special performance. He […]