2011 Business Review: What We Lost Downtown

In this, the second year I’ve written Stuck Inside of Knoxville, the pace of change continues to be breath-taking. It’s sometimes hard to see as events happen, alterations are made, new faces emerge and old ones fade. In retrospect, however, a simple listing of business losses, changes and additions highlights the intense comings and goings […]

Surviving the Snow in Downtown Knoxville without a Grocery Store

How is that possible? Everyone knows the drill in Knoxville: Snowflakes appear on the extended forecast and we panic, heading quickly to our local grocery store for milk, eggs and bread. Need it or not, it’s just what we do. So what happens to hapless urbanites without a grocery store? We take pictures. I realized […]

Taylor Disappearing

This has been a summer of disappearances in downtown Knoxville. Vagabondia, which was a Market Square staple, disappeared. I was told it was all good, the business was fine, but the offer to purchase the building was better. Fizz is coming in its place. 10,000 Villages, also a long-term tenant on Market Square disappeared. Again, I […]