Tim Lee with Surprise Guests Kevin Abernathy and Greg Horne at the Pilot Light

Tim Lee 3 at Pilot Light, Knoxville, January 2012 This post has been slow in coming, but the night was so good, I can’t let it pass without a post and a glimpse at some of the pictures. It goes all the way back to First Friday this month. Urban Woman and I had delicious appetizers […]

Is there development potential under our feet?

 Entryway beneath Jackson Avenue, Knoxville Regular readers of this blog know that I recently spent some time walking Depot Avenue and considering the possibilities for development. As a part of that post I took pictures from Depot toward the main portion of downtown across the tracks. These shots reminded me that I’ve wanted to […]

Keith Brown and Nu Jazz Fourtet at Barley’s

Keith (keyboard) and Kenneth Brown (drums) of the Nu-Jazz Fourtet One of the great things about having a few days without that little detail of a day job rearing its head is the opportunity to take in some late-night entertainment which might otherwise be sacrificed in the chase for the almighty dollar. I’ve missed several […]

Knoxville’s Underground at the Crown and Goose

 Crown and Goose Underground, Old City, Knoxville Have you ever been in London’s Underground? Have you ever ridden the Tube? I hadn’t until this past summer and we came to depend on it and, finally, to understand it. It’s actually a very simple and reliable subway and we’ve got a bit of it right […]

Final City People Home Tour Post: Fire Street Lofts and Westmoreland Condos

Fire Street Lofts, Old City, Knoxville I’ll move on to other topics after today’s post, but I did want to mention the last two homes I visited on my downtown home tour. Both are in the Old City, which is contains the greatest density of population in the center city. Fire Street Lofts are located […]