Urban Bar and Corner Cafe: New Memories at a Old Favorite Spot

Urban Bar and Corner Cafe, Old City, Knoxville, March 2012 During my meanderings last Saturday night I had very little in the way of plans. I’d already eaten a wonderful cheese plate from Just Ripe before I left home, so I wasn’t hungry. I really like Ian Thomas, so I knew I wanted to hear […]

Quick: St. Patrick’s Day and Sundown in the City – What do they have in Common?

Bronze Guy on Market Square, Knoxville, March 2012 They might have more in common than you might think by the time the evening winds down. The front page of the News Sentinel on Friday carried a big article about the fact that Sundown in the City is no more – then Saturday night we tried […]

Sort of a Post/Tweet and a Clue about a Cool New Business

Market Square ready for St. Patrick’s Day I don’t normally throw anything out on a Saturday, but a couple of things caught my attention that I thought I’d mention in short form. There are two events running downtown tonight in connection with St. Patrick’s Day. Live music and men in skirts will be featured on […]

Boyd’s Jig and Reel – Plus: Blue Mother Tupelo

Boyd’s Jig and Reel, Old City, Knoxville, January 2012 I’ve been hanging onto the shots I took of Blue Mother Tupelo last month, but hadn’t found the right moment to work them in. In the meantime, I took a second visit to Boyd’s Jig and Reel and I have to say the place is really […]

Organized Play: Has Gaming Come to Knoxville?

Organized Play 131 S. Central, Old City, Knoxville, 2012 I’ve not been big on games since the days of the distant past when I would convince my younger brother he should sell me all his property when we played Monopoly. In the years since I’ve mostly played the occasional late-night domino game with my father […]