Occupy Knoxville on 11-11-11: Low Key or Dying Out?

A few souls brave the cold at the Occupy Knoxville Rally, 11/11/11 Josh Flory, whose business blog Property Scope I read everyday, recently wrote an article on the local Occupy Knoxville contingent of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The people he interviewed suggested they were taking a lower key approach than some groups and had decided […]

Political Edition: Election Day/Occupy Knoxville Update

Unofficial Occupy Knoxville Spokesperson after rain and few days passed Today is an important day in our city’s life: We elect a new mayor to guide us through the next phase in our evolution. Please, please for the sake of the Urban Nation, VOTE. Given that it is an important political day, it seemed a […]

Final Thoughts (for now) on Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Knoxville/Slutwalk

The sign in which the Slutwalk meets Occupy Knoxville. I have a little experience with marches and protests of various sorts. Before moving to Knoxville many years ago I lived in Gainesville, Florida which is where I clarified many of my political views. Actions of various sorts were common, from rallies to marches and blockading […]

Occupy Knoxville/Occupy Wall Street/Slut Walk: Part 2

  Slutwalk, Krutch Park, Knoxville, October 2011 Slutwalk, Krutch Park, Knoxville, October 2011 Slutwalk, Krutch Park, Knoxville, October 2011 So, as I was saying, here came the Slut Walk. Now, as I understand it, the point of these guys, who have hosted several such walks in Knoxville, I believe. Is that how a woman is […]

Occupy Knoxville/ Occupy Wall Street Protest Shakes Up First Friday

 Occupy Knoxville, Krutch Park, October 2011 Occupy Knoxville, Krutch Park, October 2011 It’s not as if First Friday was cancelled due to an onslaught of protesters, but it certainly altered the tenor of the night. The gathering was slated for Krutch Park at 6:00 PM and I got there a few minutes later. The […]