"Once upon a time . . .

You threw the bums a dime, didn’t you?” -Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone”- Homeless man going through garbage, Wall and Gay, Knoxville One reality that anyone living in an urban setting must face is the issue of homelessness. While many people weigh in on our local discussion of housing first for the homeless, versus I’m not […]

Best (and worst) Downtown Coffee at Restaurants

“My nerves have gone to piecesMy hair is turning gray All I do is drink black coffee . . .” Black Coffee Music: Sonny Burke, Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster Performed by Ella Fitzgerald   I can’t run from it any longer. I’ve been overdue to write about downtown coffee since I started this blog. I know I’ve […]

"Got to Leave the City, Got to Get Away"

I’m not moving. It’s just that there are so many other places to visit, some of them exciting cities, some of them just great spots in this country or others. So, sometimes, you have to sample other places and see what the visit there might tell you about your own plot of earth or daily […]