Market Square Farmers’ Market

Fresh Peppers at the Market Square Farmers’ Market It’s getting late in the year and some time has passed since I’ve mentioned the Market Square Farmers’ Market. At the beginning of the season I mentioned the festive atmosphere and the fact that the market is so much more than just vegetables and crafts. That vibe has […]

Music in London and Paris

After that small diversion for food, how about we continue our August with a musical lift to our spirits?  Hopefully this is the month the sidewalks stop melting, air-quality alerts cease to depress us and Henley Street becomes a beautiful boulevard. OK, maybe two out of three. College football starts later this month, in any case, and some of […]

High Art in the City: First Friday, Take Two

Pamela Neal creation, Emporium, Knoxville, April 2011 Every First Friday features art with a capital “A.” The Art Market features an artist each month and somehow I usually miss that, so I’m planning to put more effort into that next month. UT also has a studio on the 100 block of Gay Street and that is […]

What’s that Sound in the Distance?

Have you ever had the experience of hearing music in the distance and realizing it isn’t your neighbor’s stereo or  a distant boombox, but real, honest to goodness music played by live musicians? What did you do? Did you wonder for a minute and then pick up where you left off with your previously interrupted […]

This is Why I Live in the City

Actually, this won’t be a manifesto listing all the reasons, complications and negotiations involved in a decision that big, but I just had the kind of night that can’t be had outside a city. Maybe specifically a small city. If I lived, as I used to, in the suburbs, I would have stayed home tonight. […]