Boyd’s Jig and Reel – Plus: Blue Mother Tupelo

Boyd’s Jig and Reel, Old City, Knoxville, January 2012 I’ve been hanging onto the shots I took of Blue Mother Tupelo last month, but hadn’t found the right moment to work them in. In the meantime, I took a second visit to Boyd’s Jig and Reel and I have to say the place is really […]

Keith Brown and Nu Jazz Fourtet at Barley’s

Keith (keyboard) and Kenneth Brown (drums) of the Nu-Jazz Fourtet One of the great things about having a few days without that little detail of a day job rearing its head is the opportunity to take in some late-night entertainment which might otherwise be sacrificed in the chase for the almighty dollar. I’ve missed several […]

The Black Cadillacs Explode at Preservation Pub

Black Cadillacs, Preservation Pub, Knoxville, July 2011 But before they exploded I had a set of misadventures and near-misadventures. I reported here that they would give a roof-top concert beginning at 10:00. This was pretty exciting to me because I really love their live show, I hadn’t seen the roof-top at Preservation Pub since it […]

Final Sundown: Black Cadillacs and Warren Haynes

Black Cadillacs, Sundown in the City, Market Square, Knoxville I had mixed feelings about the last Sundown in the City. I’m always sad to see it end, knowing I’ll miss it and wondering if this will be the last of a great series. I also had a dinner planned at Tomato Head with friends and all […]