Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party

Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party, Latitude 35, Market Square, Knoxville The Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party was held the same day the “Best of Knoxville” poll results were issued. Held at Latitude 35, from 5:00 – 7:00 Metropulse employees, winners of the various categories and Chamber representatives enjoyed food from the winning restaurants in a private VIP party. […]

Metropulse Music Hour at the Pilot Light

Pilot Light, 106 East Jackson, Old City, Knoxville, April 2011 April 27 marked the kick-off for what I’m told will be a monthly series. The inaugural show was held at the Pilot Light and featured Shortwave Society. These shows will be free (my favorite price), last one hour (minimal time commitment) and begin at 6:00 […]

Updates and New Developments

If the first few days are any indication, the new year will be filled with change for downtown. Faster than a blogger can blog or, certainly, a newspaper can publish, significant developments emerge. I hope as many of the shifts are as exciting as others will be discouraging. Whenever downtown is mentioned in an article on […]

Metropulse: A Great Magazine Takes It to the Next Level!

I realize I’m talking about them talking about me which might be a pretty silly loop, but I can’t help myself. Metropulse was kind enough to include my blog, along with several others, in the cover story of their new issue. They said, “A new blog’s life expectancy is sadly short; it begins with earnest […]

Mural, Mural on the Wall

While in search of the erstwhile mural mentioned in Metropulse, I ran across two other murals. I must have seen them both before, but I never really thought about them until now. I have to say I really appreciate the sponsors and artists who give us murals. I like a beautiful, undefiled brick wall as […]