Market Square Still Evolving: Is it getting better?

Preservation Pub: New Solar Panels and Roof Garden It seemed the news from Market Square had run its course for the month, from the footnote to the splashy: Bernadette West got approval for some of the solar panels she wants on top of Preservation Pub and Tupelo Honey is coming to 1 Market Square. Just […]

Tupelo Honey Commits to Knoxville (And More Coming Attractions)

CBID Board: Rich Ray, Alan Carmichael, Rick Emmet, Robyn Askew, Melissa Everett and Patrick Hunt I wrote a post two days ago encouraging everyone to come to the evening meeting of CBID. I knew in advance it would be very lightly read. I guess organizations that do detailed work aren’t that sexy. The meeting was […]

First Night 2012, Part One

View of Krutch Park, First Night Knoxville, 2012 It seems odd to call it First Night 2012 because most of what happened happened before midnight, but I suppose the rest of the night that followed was what we were kicking off. I hope you got to enjoy some of the festivities of the night in […]

We Wish You a Merry Zumba and a Happy Market Square

Zumba Flash Mob, Market Square, Knoxville, December 2011 It was more a feeling, at first. Something just didn’t seem right as Urban Woman and I walked through Market Square, entered Bliss Home and visited with Anne. Anne agreed. It seemed too many people were just hanging around as if they were waiting for something. I […]

Occupy Knoxville on 11-11-11: Low Key or Dying Out?

A few souls brave the cold at the Occupy Knoxville Rally, 11/11/11 Josh Flory, whose business blog Property Scope I read everyday, recently wrote an article on the local Occupy Knoxville contingent of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The people he interviewed suggested they were taking a lower key approach than some groups and had decided […]