Spring, Spanish and Soccer via SLR

Soccer Styling in front of Soccer Taco, Market Square, Knoxville I’m not sure winter ever happened in Knoxville this year, but it appears spring is here. There are many things to love about springtime anywhere, but in Knoxville we have our own set of cool to enjoy: Rhythm and Blooms, Dogwood Arts Festival, new sculptures […]

It’s the shops, but more accurately, it’s the people

Anne at Bliss Home, 29 Market Square, Knoxville I recently wrote a post about Morelock Music and I talked about how comfortable it feels as a place to just hang out. It’s true, the shop is cool, and I do love music and musical instruments, but really, the places that I enjoy going most downtown […]

Trees in the City

Market Square through the trees on the south end of the square Green space in a city adds immensely to the pleasure of living there. It breaks up the “concrete jungle” feeling and is quite soothing to encounter. I remember how happy I was to see very large trees growing from a ledge on a […]

Breaking (Big) News: New Business for Union Avenue: The Tree and Vine

Sign outside Asheville Store (photo from http://www.thetreeandvine.com/) Here’s more big news for Market Square: We are getting a great store called The Tree and Vine which currently has a location in Asheville. The Asheville store sells Olive oil and wine, though the Knoxville store will feature the olive oil, vinegar and wine supplies but will […]

A Little Magic for Your Square

Harley Chapeau on Market Square, Knoxville Harley Chapeau seems like part of the fabric of the square. He would blend in like so many visitors from west Knoxville if not for his dapper dress in his vest with matching slacks and 1940s style men’s hat. That, and the tiny fact that he is an ace […]