Market Square Farmers’ Market: A Final Tip of the Urban Hat for 2011

Market Square Farmers’ Market, Knoxville, November 2011 The air has turned cold. The ice rink is being installed on Market Square and the crops are diminishing. It can only mean that the end to the Market Square Farmers’ Market is coming soon. There will be an open-air crafts fair between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of […]

Market Square Farmers’ Market

Fresh Peppers at the Market Square Farmers’ Market It’s getting late in the year and some time has passed since I’ve mentioned the Market Square Farmers’ Market. At the beginning of the season I mentioned the festive atmosphere and the fact that the market is so much more than just vegetables and crafts. That vibe has […]

What’s Happening, Brother?

So much is happening that I’m going to drop a few lines to promote upcoming events. It’s something that I do from time to time, though more often I’d suggest other sources for that kind of information. This seems like a good time to make an exception because I’d hate for you to miss some […]