Making Mardi Gras in a Mountain City

Vegetables ready, five pounds shrimp and one pound crab meat in the fridge We’re a long way from the Gulf Coast. Never is that more clear than Mardi Gras week. As an ex-patriot of Mobile, Alabama, Urban Woman and I can tell you that this was the highest of holidays in the city of my […]

If it’s September in Knoxville, it must be Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras, Knox Heritage Style, Knoxville  This weekend wasn’t all reserved for somber remembrances. Of course, being a home weekend for our local football team, plenty of visitors crowded the streets of downtown Knoxville. This weekend the shirts were Cincinnati red and they seemed like a jovial enough bunch as they enjoyed downtown Knoxville. Friday […]

Dans la célébration de Mardi Gras: Growl Mardi, deuxième partie

Attire Suitable for rain and Mardi Growl, Knoxville, March 2011 Mardi Gras is upon us. Just one more day before Fat Tuesday and then the beginning of Lent. For someone from Mobile, Alabama, it is a time of great memories: school being let out, fighting for candy on the streets, drunken old men in masks […]

Who could not love Mardi Growl?

A crowd of around 500 dogs was expected, plus a few humans tethered to their leashes for the annual Mardi Growl celebration to raise money for the Young-Williams Animal Center. Despite the rain, they came out in droves or herds or packs – that’s it packs, right? Some of them even had real-live Mardi Gras […]