Political Edition: Election Day/Occupy Knoxville Update

Unofficial Occupy Knoxville Spokesperson after rain and few days passed Today is an important day in our city’s life: We elect a new mayor to guide us through the next phase in our evolution. Please, please for the sake of the Urban Nation, VOTE. Given that it is an important political day, it seemed a […]

Downtown Knoxville Mayoral Debate – and My Endorsement

Early voting has begun and the time seems appropriate to address the mayoral race. I tend to approach these things more intuitively rather than analytically, so my opinions are often difficult to articulate. I’ll try to clearly state the reasons for the conclusions I reach, but in the end they are based as much on my […]

Mayors, Mayors, We Got Mayors, Yes We Do

Faith Coalition Event for AIDS education, Market Square, Knoxville, March 2011 Market Square for most of its history has served as a forum for many different and widely divergent groups desiring to express a message of one sort or another. In the short time I’ve written this blog I’ve chronicled gatherings of members of the healing arts, […]