Knoxville’s Underground at the Crown and Goose

´╗┐ Crown and Goose Underground, Old City, Knoxville ´╗┐Have you ever been in London’s Underground? Have you ever ridden the Tube? I hadn’t until this past summer and we came to depend on it and, finally, to understand it. It’s actually a very simple and reliable subway and we’ve got a bit of it right […]

Flowers in Knoxville, Paris and London

Flower Stand in London Roses in London One of the most delightful elements of my time in both London and Paris this summer was the bright, beautiful flowers. I’m not one to attempt to grow a flower and I can’t tell you the names of very many of them, but I have to say that […]

Transportation: A Leaf, Europe and Smarttrips All in One Post!

All-electric Nissan Leaf, Knoxville Nissan Leaf parked on Walnut Street Downtown Knoxville has its first Nissan Leaf. I’m pretty sure Mr. John Craig, local developer and Knox Heritage board member is parking the first of these all-electric cars on our city streets. Guilty before of a little Prius envy (resolved), I’m feeling a little stir […]

Music in London and Paris

After that small diversion for food, how about we continue our August with a musical lift to our spirits?  Hopefully this is the month the sidewalks stop melting, air-quality alerts cease to depress us and Henley Street becomes a beautiful boulevard. OK, maybe two out of three. College football starts later this month, in any case, and some of […]

Triple Bill: Knoxville vs. Paris vs. London Smackdown

London’s Most Famous Clock What do you get when you take 7,000,000 people out of the population of London? A city that is still larger than all of Knoxville. If the word “city” is used to describe London and Paris, should the same word be used when referring to downtown Knoxville? Knoxville’s Most Famous Clock […]