Just Exactly What is Inside that Masonic Temple?

Masonic Temple, Locust Street, Knoxville, October 2011 If you walk around downtown very much and certainly if your wandering ever takes you down Locust Street, you’ve probably noticed the large beige building with the words “Masonic Temple” standing guard across the front of the massive white columns. I’ve cast the odd surreptitious glance in that direction, just […]

City People Downtown Tour of Homes: Pembroke and Crown Court

Exquisite Modern Kitchen, Pembroke, Knoxville The Pembroke has housed residential units since 1990, making it one of the older residential developments downtown. Originally called the Sprankle Building, it had previously housed TVA in its heyday. Its elegant lobby off Union Avenue across from the Daylight Building suggests the elegance one will find inside. The unit […]

Shortwave Society Delivers a blog to My Doorstep

Shortwave Society Video, Locust Street, Knoxville, February 2011 ´╗┐Sometimes I go about begging the muse for a small tidbit, some simple morsel of an idea to write about in the middle of winter. The muse can be such a cruel taskmaster. Other times I’m doing just fine without Mr. Muse when a blog lands on my […]