First Night 2012, Part One

View of Krutch Park, First Night Knoxville, 2012 It seems odd to call it First Night 2012 because most of what happened happened before midnight, but I suppose the rest of the night that followed was what we were kicking off. I hope you got to enjoy some of the festivities of the night in […]


In Krutch Park on Christmas day I met Edna, originally from the Bronx. She says she is “retired” and “I pick up my checks at the Social Security office and cash them at the grocery store.” She said she wasn’t hungry, but “I haven’t had a hot meal all day and that’s not good.” She […]

QR Codes Invade Downtown Knoxville

Urban Toddler and Urban Woman with “Day at the Beach” I haven’t found the proper time to explore the various sculptures placed downtown this Spring as part of the Art in Public Spaces. In a very cool move, the Dogwood Arts Committee decided the sculptures would be placed for a year only to be replaced, presumably […]

Preparing and Repairing the City

Filling the hole at the corner of Summer Place and Locust There are always things getting repaired or prepared in the city. Generally you might watch your step or you might step into a mess that wasn’t there the day before. I also find the opposite: As I walked turned a corner onto Gay Street recently I […]

Political Edition: Election Day/Occupy Knoxville Update

Unofficial Occupy Knoxville Spokesperson after rain and few days passed Today is an important day in our city’s life: We elect a new mayor to guide us through the next phase in our evolution. Please, please for the sake of the Urban Nation, VOTE. Given that it is an important political day, it seemed a […]