Party Crashing: First Friday, Take Three

So much of the allure of downtown is the excitement of the unexpected. The city’s ability to surprise is as important as the amenities and joys you assume. First Friday often holds at least one, if not many such unexpected turns. A recent view through the window at Union Avenue Books, Knoxville This time, the […]

Friday Night in the Art of the City: Keegan Luttrell at the Emporium

First Friday, Market Square, Knoxville, March 2011 I’m startled to realize I’ve got one more post about First Friday from March and just next week we have another First Friday. Where did the month go? So, here is one final post on the last one, just in time to write about the next one. First […]

Poetry Night at the Laurel Theater

I really enjoy poetry. I realize that’s not true for everyone. I’ll admit I came to it through the back door: music lyrics. I realized by the time I was in high school that I loved music generally, but lyrics particularly. Bob Dylan, John Prine and Hank Williams moved me like few others. As high […]