City People Downtown Tour of Homes: Ryan’s Row and Sterchi Lofts

Ryan’s Row, W. Vine Avenue, Knoxville Ryan’s Row sits atop the bluff on the north end of the center city. Construction started in anticipation of the potential windfall of the World’s Fair in 1982. The developer was unable to finish the project and the site languished until 1987 when Kristopher Kendrick purchased the property and […]

Transportation: A Leaf, Europe and Smarttrips All in One Post!

All-electric Nissan Leaf, Knoxville Nissan Leaf parked on Walnut Street Downtown Knoxville has its first Nissan Leaf. I’m pretty sure Mr. John Craig, local developer and Knox Heritage board member is parking the first of these all-electric cars on our city streets. Guilty before of a little Prius envy (resolved), I’m feeling a little stir […]

Urban Mystery Picture #9, #9, #9 (Beatles joke, sorry)

Well, I continue to be mystified by the photographs that mystify the Urban Nation and those that are simple. I figured the one I posted two weeks ago would be difficult, and Chad figured it out immediately. Of course, I posted David’s photo instead of Chad’s initially (my bad, Chad). I was certain that I […]

Meanwhile on the World’s Fair Park: Walk to Cure Diabetes

Walk to Cure Diabetes, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville, 2011 This past Saturday was also the day for the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. Several thousand people gathered at the World’s Fair Park where booths and entertainment for children dominated the happy scene. Many families and teams of walkers joined together to make the scene a […]

Children in the City

Urban Toddler, Recovering Mardi Gras Addict, Dancing on the Square, Knoxville What makes a city feel like a city? Most people would agree that downtown Knoxville didn’t really feel like a city twenty-five years ago. What about fifteen? Ten? Does downtown Knoxville currently feel like a city? Skateboarding on the Square, Good thing or Bad […]