Political Edition: Election Day/Occupy Knoxville Update

Unofficial Occupy Knoxville Spokesperson after rain and few days passed Today is an important day in our city’s life: We elect a new mayor to guide us through the next phase in our evolution. Please, please for the sake of the Urban Nation, VOTE. Given that it is an important political day, it seemed a […]

Downtown Knoxville Mayoral Debate – and My Endorsement

Early voting has begun and the time seems appropriate to address the mayoral race. I tend to approach these things more intuitively rather than analytically, so my opinions are often difficult to articulate. I’ll try to clearly state the reasons for the conclusions I reach, but in the end they are based as much on my […]

Tonight’s the Night: Meet Your Future with CBID and Mayors

I’m going to hit the subject again because it is so important. Make sure you get to the Square Room by 5:00. That will begin the 45 minute meet and greet with the staff and board of the CBID, followed by the monthly board meeting at 5:45. This is a rare opportunity for those of us who […]

Monday Night is Booked – Write it on the Wall

I know some of you must get tired of me suggesting you go to this musical event or that artistic or literary event, but I absolutely must implore you to attend back-to-back events this Monday night: The CBID event at the Square Room and the Mayoral Debate at the Crown Plaza. I know – not […]