First Night Knoxville 2012, Part 2: A little Jazz and a little Jodie

Dixieland Jazz at the Square Room, First Night Knoxville 2012 From the beginning of First Night choices had to be made. I wanted to see most of the music and I was interested in how the music would work in some of the venues I’d never been in before. I’ve never been much on comedy, […]

Knoxville Jazz Fest Blows into Town

It’s been a couple of days since I posted. I’m trying to pace myself a bit better, but also, a major event hit Knoxville this weekend and some days I’m in the middle of doing and, so, can’t be writing. Yesterday was one of those days. It was exhausting and fun. I agreed to be […]

Great Music Coming At You

   I don’t usually use this space to promote upcoming events. Typically I report on the events I’ve happened upon or attended on purpose. Usually it’s more of the former. I’m going to use this space today to give you a heads-up on something special coming to Knoxville this weekend. Jimmy Cobb is the only surviving […]