Bus, Bus, It’s the Magic Megabus

Megabus, Knoxville to Atlanta, Atlanta to Mobile, 2011 How else can you describe something that promises a care-free round-trip journey to the destination of your choice at a cost less than the price of the gasoline you would burn to go there in your own car? I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer, with […]

Getting High, Cool Cars and a Beautiful Afternoon in the City

 Volkswagen atop the Market Square Garage, Knoxville, November 2011 I sometimes receive tips from readers regarding events or story opportunities. I always appreciate these. Since I can’t possibly do everything, I can’t always make it to the events and sometimes, I’m afraid, I’m bad about responding to the e-mails and comments making suggestions. But […]

Knoxville Christmas Parade 2011: Top Ten Floats!

So, last year I probably focased a little too much on the worst of the parade and there was plenty of that this year, but I’ll get to it later. First, let’s look at the best of the floats. Some groups really go all out and actually consider what they are doing, how it will […]

36 Market Square: The Square’s Most Beautiful "New" Building?

36 Market Square, Knoxville I’ll admit I had my doubts and grumbles about the building for a long time. The front facade was crumbling and all parties agreed it had to be removed. Ultimately the back end of the building had to be replaced. The interior, when exposed looked like a small explosion had blown […]

QR Codes Invade Downtown Knoxville

Urban Toddler and Urban Woman with “Day at the Beach” I haven’t found the proper time to explore the various sculptures placed downtown this Spring as part of the Art in Public Spaces. In a very cool move, the Dogwood Arts Committee decided the sculptures would be placed for a year only to be replaced, presumably […]