Alleys, Courtyards and . . . Mews?

The Elliot, Church and State, Knoxville 2011 I came into this post in a very round about way. A reader asked if I knew anything about the beautiful building at the corner of Church and State Street. He further wondered how many jokes there were around town about the intersection of Church and State. I […]

Just Exactly What is Inside that Masonic Temple?

Masonic Temple, Locust Street, Knoxville, October 2011 If you walk around downtown very much and certainly if your wandering ever takes you down Locust Street, you’ve probably noticed the large beige building with the words “Masonic Temple” standing guard across the front of the massive white columns. I’ve cast the odd surreptitious glance in that direction, just […]

If it’s September in Knoxville, it must be Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras, Knox Heritage Style, Knoxville  This weekend wasn’t all reserved for somber remembrances. Of course, being a home weekend for our local football team, plenty of visitors crowded the streets of downtown Knoxville. This weekend the shirts were Cincinnati red and they seemed like a jovial enough bunch as they enjoyed downtown Knoxville. Friday […]

Surviving the Snow in Downtown Knoxville without a Grocery Store

How is that possible? Everyone knows the drill in Knoxville: Snowflakes appear on the extended forecast and we panic, heading quickly to our local grocery store for milk, eggs and bread. Need it or not, it’s just what we do. So what happens to hapless urbanites without a grocery store? We take pictures. I realized […]

Dancin’ in the Street: An International Street Fair with Local Flair

Preparations for Dancin’ in the Streets, Kendrick Place, Knoxville, September 2010 Many of the fabulous events and startling moments available in the city come free of charge: music on the street, interesting people, unexpected turns of events. Sometimes the fabulous events come with a price tag, but sometimes the cause or event are worth the price. Gathering […]