2011 Business Review, Part 3: Welcome to the City!

A History of Reading: The first book ever sold at Union Avenue Books For those of you who read Monday’s post about closed businesses and contemplated moving out of the city, I hope Tuesday’s post about all the downtown businesses that have increased their stake in downtown by renovating, moving and expanding their businesses cheered […]

Buy Local, Shop Union (Avenue)

Coffee and Chocolate: The Granddaddy Union Avenue Business It would have been a very different experience a couple of years ago. The Daylight Building was a construction zone. Reruns was on Market Square. Coffee and Chocolate was doing good business. Even a year ago it was struggling to find it’s groove. Rala had opened and the Daylight Building […]

Just Ripe Celebrates their Half Birthday

John Ledbetter, Art, Charlotte Tolley and friend enjoy a laugh at Just Ripe Three years ago I remember walking past the Daylight building with Urban Woman, Shaft and Shaft’s Woman. It was a wreck, but there seemed to be some sort of pre-activity activity happening inside. We’d progressed past most non-residents at that point to realize it is possible to […]

The Market at Union and Gay, Knoxville

The Market, Gay Street, Knoxville, Opens July 29, 2011 When I moved to the city a year and nine months ago one of the big complaints about living downtown was the lack of availability of groceries. A few items were available in J’s Megamart, though they were not open at night, didn’t carry fresh foods […]

Art, Food and Cocktails this Weekend: J Daniel, The Market and Downtown Wine

I usually talk about the things I’ve done lately and that was my intention for today’s blog, but there are several things happening that warrant a mention. We’ll take them in reverse order: The Market at Union and Gay, Knoxville, July 2011 In terms of food, downtown may be reaching a turning point today: The […]