Two Business Monday: 31 Bistro, Julie Apple Handbags

31 Bistro (formerly La Costa), Market Square, Knoxville I’m no food critic and I know nothing about women’s handbags – or men’s for that matter – but I found myself in each of these businesses recently, so I thought I’d send out a few thoughts. Take them for what they are – one guy’s opinion. […]

Pecha-Kucha Practically Pitch Perfect

Hosts for Knoxville’s First PechaKucha Crowd at PechaKucha, West Jackson Workshops, Knoxville, February 2011 I had read the descriptions of PechaKucha and I understood that people would make presentations regarding their creative endeavors and that they would have a limit of twenty seconds for each of twenty slides. Still, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I had […]