A Photograph, Another Continent and a Suprising Connection

So, imagine you travel to a country on another continent. You have great experiences and take many photographs, including some of interesting people on the street. You show the photographs to a few of your friends once you return home and that’s the end of your connection to the people you randomly photographed, right? “Not so […]

Jim Morrison, Pere Lachaise and Forty Years

Two days ago I traveled to Nashville with Urban Daughter to see Bob Dylan and Leon Russell at the Ryman auditorium. We love seeing Bob, of course, and the Ryman Auditorium is a very special place to me. What I didn’t realize until later was that we were to see two of the primary performers at […]

Music in London and Paris

After that small diversion for food, how about we continue our August with a musical lift to our spirits?  Hopefully this is the month the sidewalks stop melting, air-quality alerts cease to depress us and Henley Street becomes a beautiful boulevard. OK, maybe two out of three. College football starts later this month, in any case, and some of […]