Photographs in Search of a Blog

View from 11 Cafe, 100 Block, Knoxville  Here are a few scenes that caught my attention recently. The photograph of the 100 Block is from the window of 11 Cafe. I love the little bar along the window facing the street. Sitting there reminds me of a similar bar looking out onto the street of […]

James Agee Park

James Agee Park, Fort Sanders, Knoxville I was asked recently about the funding for James Agee Park. The gentleman who asked was interested in helping with the park in some way. I believe he mistook me for the person who was appointed to an interim position on city council. I didn’t point out his mistake, […]

Random Homes in Fort Sanders, Part Two

Here are more of the homes that caught my eye as I recently walked through Fort Sanders. I realize one of them is a church, but I thought it was interesting. It seemed to be missing something, as if its soul had been misplaced or somehow truncated. A missing soul would seem to be a […]

Knox Heritage (ca 1888) Home Recieves LEED Certification

Knox Heritage Green House, Fort Sanders, Knoxville, February 2011 This will be the first in a series of posts centered in the Fort Sanders area. The densest populated area in east Tennessee, the neighborhood is known for its student housing and its proximity to the University of Tennessee campus. It is also home to many […]

"The Man Who Lives Here is Looney"

You know you’ve seen or heard that some place, but where or when was it? You’ve probably known someone who fit the description, but that’s not it. If you’ve walked around Market Square and you’ve looked higher than ground level, your gaze may have fallen on this window. It’s a reference to a reference. It […]