Waynestock 2012: For the Love of Phil, Night Two

The Lonetones, Relix Theater, Knoxville, February 2012 The second night picked up the energy from the first night and cranked it up a notch. I got there a bit late and only caught a portion of Sarah Schwabe’s set and my camera still had issues, so I got no pictures of her performance, which I […]

G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria!

Plaque outside of the offices of the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation Well, I don’t really feel like I have a choice but to acknowledge that one of the biggest news stories of the new year in the city is happening downtown. We’ve actually had the two biggest stories, but I’ll leave the one at the […]

Three Awesome Things to Choose From in the City

I don’t always give advance notice on events, preferring in most cases to talk about how they were after the fact. There are other sites which cover upcoming events and I generally leave it to them. You’ll find a number of them listed to the right of this post. There are three things happening today […]

General Burnside Asserts Himself Unexpectedly

Image via Wikipedia General Burnside from the American Civil War is most known outside of Knoxville for his famous sideburns. Inside Knoxville he was better known for taking over the town during the war and holding off the confederate attempts to reclaim it. I’d never given him much thought, myself, until recently when he virtually […]