Angels in the City

Knoxville is filled with all kinds of people. Some are a little strange (who you are dictates who is strange 🙂 ), some are funny, some are sad, some are a little scary, many are interesting and most of us are some of all of the above depending on the day you spot us. Some people […]

Brian and Briana

 Brian on Union Street in Knoxville  I walked right past the guy with nothing more than a nod in his direction. I noticed his dog and my quick assessment was this was not a dog I wanted to pet. He looked a bit lean and, if not mangy, just not very attractive and, if it […]

Saturday in the Park (Square)

If you haven’t been to Market Square on a Saturday, recently, you owe it to yourself to drag out of bed and get down there. If you are interested in buying produce or even catching the best part of the vibe, I’d encourage you to be there no later than 10:00. The Farmer’s Market forms […]

"Someone Showed Me a Picture and I Just Laughed"

I’ve probably taken close to 1000 pictures in the month of June. Many of them were so terrible I deleted them. Some were good enough I included them in the posts. I didn’t have room for some others that I thought were really good – particularly of the Dirty Guv’nahs and Blues Traveler. Yet others are […]

Talking Trash, Talking People

Trash in cities has a long and interesting, if smelly history. For hundreds of years after the advent of cities people had to be careful walking down a street, ever watchful for falling garbage thrown from living quarters above. We’ve moved a bit past that, thankfully. So what do you do with garbage in downtown Knoxville in […]