Preparing and Repairing the City

Filling the hole at the corner of Summer Place and Locust There are always things getting repaired or prepared in the city. Generally you might watch your step or you might step into a mess that wasn’t there the day before. I also find the opposite: As I walked turned a corner onto Gay Street recently I […]

First Friday Was More than a Christmas Parade

 Gay Street, Knoxville, December 2010 I usually try to talk a bit about each First Friday downtown and I really kind of blew past it this time because it also happened to be the night of the Christmas Parade. While Gay Street was packed for that event, it is also true that other events […]

Christmas in the City – Regal Festival of Lights?

Entrance to the Fantasy of Trees – Convention Center, Knoxville I’m seeing both of the these titles thrown around for our seasonal celebration. I think the “Regal Festival of Lights” is just the lighting of the tree on Gay Street, etc., but I’m not sure. I like the less corporate “Christmas in the City,” myself, though […]