Dirty Guv’nahs and Black Cadillacs Warm Up at Preservation Pub

Chris Doody, James Trimble, Will Horton and John Phillips Take two of my favorite local bands and add my favorite weekly musical hour and you have the recipe for a great time. And it certainly was. WFIV, 105.3 broadcasts Homegrown, their weekly show featuring live local music from Preservation Pub. It has all the parts […]

Roman Reese at Preservation Pub’s Speakeasy via i105’s Homegrown

Roman Reese at the Preservation Pub Speakeasy I’d never heard Roman Reese perform before last week. I’d heard his name about town. Last winter I met Adrian Hardcore (as I recall) who sang his praises and noted that he had spent the night on Roman’s couch while he was in town for his Blueplate Special performance. He […]

Jay Clark at Preservation Pub: Homegrown with i105

Jay Clark at the Preservation Pub Speakeasy The second week of the Homegrown series hosted by WFIV, 105.3 in the Preservation Pub Speakeasy was a great sophomore effort. Jay Clark is a wonderfully talented local singer-songwriter whose roughly textured voice and smooth delivery are perfect for the venue. Jay Clark singing on Homegrown, WFIV Always engaging, […]

Dirty Guv’nah’s, Scott Miller, Preservation Pub and Homegrown

James Tremble, Chris Doody and Scott Miller, Preservation Pub, Knoxville I’ve got enough material to go back to seven days a week, but barely enough time between events to blog about it. I’m going to delay the more recent events of the weekend and the meetings I attended last night. I’ve spent the last couple […]