When We Get Behind Closed Doors

I doubt this is what Charlie Rich had in mind when he penned that song, but I’ve noticed what seems to be a shift in standard operating procedure for businesses completing renovations or moving into new downtown location: privacy barriers. Not all of them are following suit, but I wonder if it is a good […]

Hotel Saint Oliver Estate Sale

Hotel St. Oliver Estate Sale, Union Ave., Knoxville, January 2010 The Hotel Saint Oliver, a prominent piece of the Kristopher Kendrick legacy sold recently. A three day estate sale was held to clear out the contents and, judging from the empty or near empty rooms on the final day, it was a success. Near empty […]

Business Update in the Center City

One of the oldest restaurants downtown, Arby’s abruptly announced its closing, December 2010 After featuring some changes happening in the Old City yesterday, it seems only right to follow up a bit with what’s happening up the hill. In the previous post I mentioned the fact that Nama is moving to the spot beside the […]