In Krutch Park on Christmas day I met Edna, originally from the Bronx. She says she is “retired” and “I pick up my checks at the Social Security office and cash them at the grocery store.” She said she wasn’t hungry, but “I haven’t had a hot meal all day and that’s not good.” She […]

Twenty Pounds of Headlines Stapled to His Chest: Amplifier on the streets

David sells the Amplifier at the corner of Wall and Gay There’s a new, monthly newspaper on the street as of this month. It is the project of Redeeming Hope Ministries and is called “The Amplifier.” Metropulse did probably the best write-up I’ve seen, but it has been mentioned on WBIR and The Sunsphere is Not a […]

Tough Calls and Personal Decisions

I’m going to sign off on the current conversation regarding homelessness with this post. It’s been more helpful to me than I expected. Just the act of examining the limited alternatives and the responses I got from the two ministers and from Volunteer Ministries and KARM have been particularly illuminating. Today I heard from Angie Sledge at KARM. […]

Give me an answer, give me a sign

I’m still waiting for responses from the Episcopal, Presbyterian and Catholic Churches. Angie Sledge from KARM also insists that she will weigh in on the issue. I’m going short on this note today because I probably wrote too much for everyone, yesterday. I’ll give everyone a chance to catch up and wait one more day […]

What they are Saying

I’ve begun hearing from some of the people I’ve contacted and it looks like a united front, so far, on the side of not giving money. Still, there are a few nuances I’ll try to tease out as we consider (or at least I do :-)) what our response might be. There are four days […]