Surviving the Snow, Part Two

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, State Street, Knoxville, January 10, 2011 Downtown Knoxville did not return to normal today, but it managed a closer approximation. The roads were much more navigable as the ice and snow succumbed to the ice, wind and warmth of the tires passing over the surface. More people stirred as temperatures rose […]

Unbuilding Bridges, Re-routing Traffic and General Mayhem – or not!?!

“I’ve seen the bridge and the bridge is longAnd they built it high and they built it strongStrong enough to hold the weight of timeLong enough to leave some of us behind.” “The Bridge” Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Henley Street Bridge – Before D-Day Henley Street Bridge on Christmas Day 2010  About a year behind […]

Final Autumn Pictures: Down by the River

 Henley Street Bridge, Knoxville, November 2010  As often happens with the ending of a month, I look back at some images that never quite found a story and pass them along for your pleasure. One Sunday afternoon in November I walked around for several hours and got some photographs that I really loved. […]